Dimensional Inspection Services

In the whole lifecycle of an industrial plant, a variety of data (Metrology, Engineering, Equipment, Operations and Maintenance information) is generated and utilized. It is now a popular practice for Owners/Operators, engineering consultants and contractors to use 3D design software to gather this information.

3D scanning is important because it can help both the design and O&M teams in the following areas:

  • Plant Data Capture
  • Plant Data Modeling
  • Plant Data Management

Our solution

Mekanchi Plant Design Engineers specialize in providing services and solutions to capture, model and manage as-built plant information. By combining cutting edge technology of 3D Data Capture, 3D Modeling and 3D Data Management technology and solutions with trained professionals, we offer our clients accurate and updated plant information for their capital projects and throughout the Plant life cycle.

Our Technology:-

  • We capture High resolution data for accurate and precise measurements
  • We use World Class Scanning technology and Ultra High Accuracy Measurement Machines
  • We Reduce measurement uncertainties with precisely calibrated machines
  • Our team hasextensive metrology background with experienced technical analysts


  • Complete multi-discipline for As-Built Service for both above ground and underground
  • High accuracy and quality of 3D Model
  • Full Intelligent As-Built 3D Models in industry standard software