7 Top Tips for Choosing the Right Drone Operator

Drones are the exciting tools used for everything from analysis to create 3D models, producing promotional images and more. The commercial application of drones is growing aggressively, especially with the increase in new innovation and big investment. Individuals and businesses everywhere are demanding for this slice of cake.

It's true that anyone can handle a drone but for successfully handling a drone, you need to make sure that you are using the right person for the job especially when you are conducting complex industrial inspections in difficult environments.

Want to use a drone for commercial purposes? If the answer is yes, you will surely need to hire someone with Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) permission operate. Here are 7 tips for choosing the right drone operator.

  1. Does the drone pilot have legal requirements?

It's important to ensure that your drone operator possesses Civil Aviation Authority ( CAA) Permission For Aerial Work (PFAW) and the pilots are BNUC-S (Basic National UAS Certificate – Small UAV) certified.

  1. Do they have the right insurance?

Every commercially operating pilot must have specific public liability insurance for using their machines, as a part of their legal requirement. Ask to see a copy of their certificate.

  1. Are the pilots experienced? If yes, how experienced?

Do check their recent work, client list and testimonials for 100% surity.

  1. What equipment is provided?

Find out about their machines, camera equipment and everything. Do they have a back up machine?

  1. Can they obtain permissions?

You may require additional permission from the CAA depending on the location and other factors in the project. Ensure that your operator is authorized to provide your project relevant permissions, if needed.

  1. Do they have multiple drone units?

Ensure that your drone operator has multiple drone units in case drones aren’t suitable they can offer you an alternative. Also, if you need more than one drone, there would be no trouble.

  1. Are they qualified and supplied to operate overseas?

Demand the right drone operator for the job who is qualified and can handle permits as per Drone policies and laws in different countries.

Why Choose Rope Access?

Why Choose Rope Access?

Rope Access is the safest and most affordable access system to complete work at-height, in confined spaces and in subterranean environments via rope. It was initially developed from techniques that were used in climbing and caving.

At Mekanchi Global, we chose Rope Access as it is the most innovative solution putting you at an incredible professional advantage, reaching places where scaffolding and binoculars cannot. It combines the access, labour, rescue, environmental controls, and set-up/take-down in ONE complete system, for ONE total cost.

Scaffolding Vs. Rope Access

Talking about Scaffolding specifically, the time and labour that is required to build scaffolding makes it an ineffective solution when compared to rope access. Choosing scaffolding would mean paying for a crew to set it up and then to complete any work. The cost to your business is therefore increased by the cost of supply and erection which does not occur with rope access.

Additionally, rope access does not require a large amount of space at ground level as is needed with scaffolding. Rope access can be set up quickly and also removed at the end of every working day. This makes it a great option for building surveys on commercial buildings with a large footfall or residential properties.

How does Rope Access save you money?

How does Rope Access save you time?

Time is always on your side while you choose rope access that too with Mekanchi. The efficiency of our access system is what our clients appreciate. We are one of the best in meeting project deadlines. With minimum set-up time involved, we get the job done right away.

Why Choose Mekanchi Global?

Need a job done quickly assuring the safety of people and the process? Mekanchi is the answer.

So, if you are looking for a cost-effective way to use your maintenance budget for a building survey or other maintenance work you will most likely benefit from, we are here for your help!

Call us today to find out more about our services or to discuss your project on 9999805500 or shoot an email at: info@mekanchi.com

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